When Is a Root Canal Vital?

When Is a Root Canal Vital

When you hear the words “root canal” come from your dentist, it can be daunting and a little scary. While you may have heard the term before, you may not be exactly certain what it is and why you need it. However, it is a very important procedure in maintaining your mouth’s health, and is very likely the difference between keeping or losing a tooth.

Why Do You Need a RTC?

The living portion of your tooth, which encompasses blood vessels and nerves, is called the pulp. Overtime, it is possible for the pulp to become infected through trauma, decay, cracks or deep fillings. Through infection, it becomes highly aggravated, and severe inflammation can lead to the death of the pulp. An abscess is then created. If left untreated the tooth will need to be removed to prevent further damage, and an untreated tooth can be detrimental to your entire mouth.

What Is a Root Canal?

Ultimately, to restore the tooth and keep your mouth in tip-top condition, the pulp needs to be removed. This is accomplished by entering the tooth through the root canal, hence the procedures name. Some teeth possess just one canal while others possess up to four. Once the infection has been removed, your dentist will clean the inflamed area to eliminate any remaining build up. The root canal is then filled and the tooth is renewed either with a crown or a filling, and you are as good as new.

Overall, with the appropriate anesthetic, the procedure is simple and painless, and it is an essential part in maintaining a healthy mouth. For information on an expert root canal service in Cary, click here.


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