How to Select the Best Type of Dental Crown

How to Select the Best Type of Dental Crown

If you have a tooth that’s in need of repair, one of the best ways to take care of it is with a dental crown. There are several different types of crowns, and the one you need will depend on the type of damage your tooth has sustained and its position in your mouth. Here are a few kinds and the reasons you may choose each one.


This type of crown is the most affordable option available, but is also one of the weakest and prone to breakage. Initial costs may be low, but repairs are more likely.


A ceramic crown is designed to blend in with other teeth and is a good option for a visible tooth. While it’s more durable than resin, it’s still prone to breakage and often requires repair.


This type of crown is generally the most desirable because it can be matched to the surrounding tooth color almost exactly. Unfortunately, since the material is thicker, more of the natural tooth needs to be removed, making it difficult to achieve a natural fit on the gum line.


Metal crowns are often the most cost-effective over the long run because they endure well and rarely need repair. They don’t match surrounding teeth, but can handle constant chewing and grinding.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

While this type of crown doesn’t look as naturals an all-porcelain crown, it can match closer to surrounding teeth while retaining the strength found in metal crowns.

Consulting with an experienced dentist is the best way to determine which crown is right for you. Click here to contact a professional in dental crown repair in Cary today to get your teeth looking as good as new.


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